Black Orthodox Kenya Tea

A range of loose-leaf tea manufactured by traditional orthodox technology as opposed to CTC technology) is available for those tea lovers who prefer their specially brewed tea. Orthodox technology (also referred to as oolong) rolls the tea leaves during manufacture, thereby preserving the whole leaf or larger bits of broken leaf compared to the CTC (cut, tear & crush) technology where the tea leaves are crushed to small granules and dust sizes. The orthodox tea leaves open-up in hot water yielding superior infusion compared to CTC teas.

Grown in the high-altitude Kisii highlands of Western Kenya, the tea is produced by the Itumbe Tea Factory, an ultra-modern tea manufacturing facility owned by the local rural farmers’ cooperative. Jambo Itumbe Orthodox Black tea has been carefully selected, preserved and packaged to high standards giving you a Kenya tea you will love and enjoy.

Brewing instructions

Put one tablespoon of Loose black tea into a cup, infusion jug, or mug and add freshly boiled water. Allow it to brew for 3-5 minutes. Stir and enjoy. Add milk and sweeten to your taste.


The standard package sizes range from 50g. to 500g.

Itumbe Orthodox Black Tea - 70g
70g of Kenya black orthodox tea..
Itumbe orthodox Plack Tea -50g
Beautifully packaged Kenya orthodox black tea from Itumbe Tea Factory...
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