Facts about Tea 

Quality of Kenya Tea

Kenya teas are among the best n the world and are manufactured in modern facilities to the highest international standards. In addition, the Kenya tea has certain advantages which cannot be replicated elsewhere:

1.     Kenya tea is FREE of pests and/or diseases. This means that Kenya tea is produced without use of any AGROCHEMICALS. The only item used in growing is the fertilizer which is used to replenish the soils. There is no doubt that such pure and healthy tea will be relished by the increasingly health conscious world population.

2.     Kenya tea is grown along the equator. This means that the tea receives 12 hours of sunlight throughout the year. Kenya Tea is grown in areas of altitude between 1500-2700 metres above sea level, receiving 1200-1400mm of rainfall annually- which is spread throughout the year. This makes the supply of Kenya tea consistent throughout the year both in quantity and quality.

3.     Kenya has about 50 varieties of tea, which are developed to suit the seven tea growing regions. Research continues to be undertaken in this area. With each new variety developed, chemical properties of the produce is enhanced. This implies that the health attributes that tea is associated with can be found in abundance in tea from Kenya.

4.  Over 90% of tea from Kenya is hand-picked. Only the finest top two leaves and the bud are used for tea production. This explains the excellent flavours and aroma. Over and above this, Kenya has over the years developed skills in tea production which can be attested to by the quality of the tea. Kenya tea factories/producing facilities are certified with the internationally acclaimed standards (ISO 22000; HACCP; Rain forest alliance, fair trade GMP)

Making a cup of tea


Follow the following steps to brew a good cup to tea;

·     Pour freshly boiled water on to your tea bag in a tea cup (best temperature is just below boiling point).

·     Stir and leave for 2-3 minutes.

·     Add milk or sugar to your taste.

·     Enjoy!


Beverage of all ages


Tea is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. People of all ages can enjoy a cup of tea at any time of day. You can also drink your tea hot or chilled.


Did you know?


·      Tea without milk has no calories.

·      The average cup of tea contains less than half the level of caffeine that coffee has.

·      Tea is a natural source of fluoride and drinking four cups makes a significant contribution to your daily intake improving oral health.

·      Tea has antioxidants that boost the immune system.