Jambo means hello in Kiswahili, the language of Eastern Africa. The best way to say hello - jambo, is with a cup of good quality tea. Jambo -Tea, any time, all day.


Jambo Tea is a project of the LBC lifeline Resource charity established in 2013 and registered in England. The project is dedicated to the importation, marketing and wholesale supply of tea from Kenya.


About Us       


Our charitable purposes are the alleviation of poverty, lack of skills, unemployment and disadvantage. The charity works with the various communities, groups and individuals to address issues that hinder their full participation in the economic and social opportunities that would improve their welfare and quality of life. We offer a combined approach that delivers multiple services such as skills training, advice, resources and technical support to individuals, groups, communities and small enterprises, to realise their potential.  

The Kenya Tea Project


The Kenya Tea Project is being implemented jointly with the Greater Manchester Social Investment Fund and is under-pinned by its promotion and contribution to the socio-economic wellbeing of its beneficiaries, here in the UK and in Kenya.  It aims to improve incomes and the welfare of poor rural farmers in Kenya, inspire enterprise and improve employment opportunities, both in Kenya and the UK. 

Kenya Teais among the best tea in the world, favoured by many as a refreshing, mild and original-flavoured tea. Kenya Tea is also free of pests and is produced without application of pesticides and chemicals therefore guaranteeing health and safety to consumersThe tea does not contain any additives, preservatives or artificial coloring, and is cholesterol-free when consumed without milk or sugar.

Our story


Along with its main socio-economic aims, project also illustrates the story of the trustees - the tea project is partly our story – local Kenyan men and women living in the UK going back to the community they were raised in Kenya and initiating a project that improves incomes and the welfare people. The project takes us back to our ancestral roots, sourcing the tea from the local factories (Nyamache & Itumbe Tea factories) where our families, relatives and wider clan members send their teas for processing and marketing.  I am marketing tea from my own small acre garden inherited from my father (somewhere in the package there could be a little granule of my own tea, ha!) – We` couldn’t be prouder!

What we do


The project imports and markets in the UK a range of Kenya specialty teas branded and packaged at source by KETEPA, the small-scale farmers’ national cooperative packaging company. We also import tea from small producers and wholesale teas directly from the manufacturing factories or the Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA). Through this we promote the welfare of more than 300,000 rural small-scale farmers (and their families) who are served by the two tea factories and about 5000 organic herbal tea growers supplying the small tea manufacturers.

Our services include;

1)      We can supply tea of any quantities and ship to any locations in the world. We supply orthodox and CTC teas direct from the processing factories, packed to your specifications and to international standards.

2)      We supply to specific customer orders under our packaging label Jambo Tea UK.

3)       We strive to respond quickly to your orders

4)       We give you our promise for a reliable service where you order will be handled expertly with respect and integrity.

5)       We will provide you with a range of teas of different grades to meet your requirements and to the highest international quality. We supply Kenya orthodox and CTC black tea, green tea, purple tea and white tea. We also supply branded teas packaged at source as our other LBC Marketing lines. Please visit our sister website: lbcmarketing.org for details and to place your orders of branded teas from the Kenya Tea Packers Ltd (KETEPA) and other manufacturers, including those of the organic herbal tea range.


Kenya Tea is mostly grown in small-holder plots by rural farmers who depend on the proceeds from the sale of the tea for their livelihood. As the prices of primary commodities such as tea fluctuate in the world markets, the tea growers and their families face difficult times in meeting the costs of growing and producing the tea. As part of the cross-border initiatives, the charity is promoting the welfare of small-scale tea farmers in Kenya by developing a market in the UK that offers fair prices for the tea. The project would also be giving an opportunity to ordinary people in the UK to enjoy exotic Kenya teas such as the re-known Kenya Purple Tea,known for their rich catechins and antioxidant properties, derived from the rich volcanic soils and tropical climate.

Social impacts


The social impacts of the project are across borders – supporting farmers and small tea producers and packers in Kenya to improve marketing of their products to improve incomes, employment and welfare. We also support a network of tea traders and retailers in the UK to access good quality teas for sale to UK consumers. Successful small businesses will impact not just the lives of the business owners but those of their families, neighbours and entire communities.