Jambo means hello in Kiswahili, the language of Eastern Africa. The best way to say hello - jambo, is with a cup of good quality tea. Jambo -Tea, any time, all day.


Kenya Teais among the best tea in the world, favoured by many as a refreshing, mild, and original-flavoured tea. Kenya Tea is also free of pests and is produced without application of pesticides and chemicals therefore guaranteeing health and safety to consumers. 


We import branded teas packaged by the Kenya farmers national cooperative pakaging company KETEPA and organic herbal teas from small businesses. We alsp omport and supply wholesale teas directly from the Tea factories in Kenya and the through the government agency , KTDA. These teas are broght to you under the Jambo Tea and can be supplied in any quantity and packaging. including the following;


Jambo tea is a projet of LBC Lifeline charity promoted jointly with the GM Social Investment Fund and supports poor rural farmers in Kenya, inspires enterprise and improves employment opportunities, both in Kenya and the UK. 


Orhodox teas are whole  rolled leaf teas also known in other areas as oolong teas. The grades are based on the size of the tea leaf but the general characteristic is that in hot water (cup/kettle/tea infuser) the tea leaves open up as whole green leaves and yield better infusion than the crushed small granules produced using the CTC (cut,tea,crush) method.


Text Box: Orthodox Black tea from Itumbe Tea Factory – from 50g. 




Orthodox Purple tea from Kangaita Tea Factory – from 50g.





Orthodox Green tea from Itumbe Tea Factory – from 50g.